Epson 80 Column Dot Mattrix Printer

Fast Dot Mattrix Printer ideal for Multi-Part stationary
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The Epson LX-350 superceeds the earlier LX-300 series models.  It is ideal for printing multi part business forms and GMS forms in GP surgeries etc.



  • Printing Method: 9-pin, serial, impact dot matrix, narrow carriage.
  • Print Direction:
        Text Mode: Bi-directional
        Graphics Mode: Uni-directional (bi-directional via software)
  • Print Speed:
        High Speed Draft: 347 cps (10 cpi), 357 cps (12 cpi), 390 cps (15 cpi)
        Draft: 260 cps (10 cpi), 312 cps (12 cpi), 223 (15 cpi)
        Near Letter Quality: 65 cps (10 cpi), 78 cps (12 cpi), 55 cps (15 cps)
  • Paper Path:
        Manual insertion: Rear in, Top out
        Tractor: Rear in, Top out
  • Dimensions : 14.25" x 10.83" x 6.06" (W x D x H)
  • Weight : 9.04 lb

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